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Star Trek Original Species - Krilitaka by Macgyver644200 Star Trek Original Species - Krilitaka :iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 3 0 Star Trek Al-Thalaan Senior staff by Macgyver644200 Star Trek Al-Thalaan Senior staff :iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 7 0 Original Star Trek species - Ites by Macgyver644200 Original Star Trek species - Ites :iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 3 0
You're Welcome, as sung by Officer Wilde
OK, I see what's happenin', yeah,
The fox has got a badge, it's kinda' strange,
It's kind of a big thing to ask, it's OK.
Well, it's nice to see you bunnies never change.
Bear with me please, Flopsy, dear,
No this isn't just a costume, so we're clear.
I'm not gonna' make ya' see the light,
'cause I just don't wanna' have that fight.
So what can I say except 'you're welcome',
For walkin' the beat for squat.
Hey, it's OK, it's OK, 'you're welcome,'
It isn't like I really do a lot.
Just get up ev'ry day before the sun
For a psycho with a handgun
That's fun!
Some caffeine mid-day,
Chase down two thefts along the way,
Like everybody, nay?
I haggle for hostage release,
(You're welcome)
Then a naked drunk disturbs the peace.
Long after daylight has died,
(You're welcome)
A dodecuple homicide!
But anyway, let me say, you're welcome,
for dealing with punk gang wars,
No need for praise, it's OKs, you're welcome,
Just keeping safe this neighborhood of yours.
You're welcome...
You're welcome.
:iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 3 2
Original Star Trek species - Serat by Macgyver644200 Original Star Trek species - Serat :iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 4 0
Jess and Alex's Excellent Vacation, Episode 2
(Author’s note: Jessica-Rae-3 does not like being a predator, as she has stated herself.  I make this depiction of her as a predator with her express permission and her explicit trust.  Don’t ask her for either and do not ask her to eat you.  It won’t happen.)
The next morning, Jess pulled herself awake.  The brunette with the brown mouse ears reached up to rub her eyes, her other hand still on her stomach.  The swell had dropped in the night, and her stomach was no longer aching with too much cheese.  However, now it was her back that ached.  As she carefully made her way up on her feet, she arched her back.  She kept this up for a few moments, then she started to walk off into the forest.
Instantly, Jess’s eyes shot open and sped down to the ground.  At her feet was a… she didn’t know what it was.  She very carefully put her foot down.  If she didn’t know better, she
:iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 10 4
Romulan Uniforms, take 2 by Macgyver644200 Romulan Uniforms, take 2 :iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 0 2 Starfleet Characters, mark 2 by Macgyver644200 Starfleet Characters, mark 2 :iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 0 0 KDF Uniforms, take 2 by Macgyver644200 KDF Uniforms, take 2 :iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 0 0 Star Trek Online: Who I play as by Macgyver644200 Star Trek Online: Who I play as :iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 5 0 Starfleet Uniform: Post Dominion War by Macgyver644200 Starfleet Uniform: Post Dominion War :iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 2 2
The Alien from the Flaming Star - Chapter II
Tiffany took a moment to come to her senses, but she quickly noticed her surroundings.  She had landed on white stone, and she shuddered at the nip in the air.  As she looked up, she saw a ceiling painted with black and gold.  Off to her right was a small skylight that opened onto an almost starless night sky.  As she got up and looked around, Tiffany noticed that she was in a small courtyard, almost completely covered.  Surrounding her were several potted plants, mostly blue but some in other colors, and in the center of the room was a fountain spraying black-tinted water into the air.
The turtle appeared at her side with a brief scream, collapsing onto his stomach.  Tiffany quickly shoved the teleporter into her pocket, still shaking and trying to steady herself.  Eventually, the turtle man stood.  His back was still cracked and smoking, and his arm was missing, but he still stood quite easily, though his teeth were firmly gritted.  Once h
:iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 0 0
The Alien from the Flaming Star: Draft 2 Chapter 1
Tiffany saw an alien world before her.  She was standing on the ramparts of a grey fort at the moment, a fort which covered the entire summit of a mountain.  Down the slope were multiple plots of farmland covered in strange plants in strange colors.  She couldn't see a single blade of green grass anywhere, but she did notice a lot of large white rocks towering out of the ground.  Several houses and buildings dotted all over the slopes as well, all the way down to the shore of the great black sea.
Tiffany's eyebrows came together.  The distance wasn't nearly long enough to be a mountain.  It was only a few hundred feet from mountaintop to shore.  And yet she knew she was standing on a mountain, just as surely as she knew her own address.  A mountain that felt very familiar to her.  Tiffany turned to the side, trying to find something that would make sense.
Then Tiffany became aware of the cold.  It wasn't a biting cold, as there was no w
:iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 0 0
Silver Blood, Chapter X
The party landed on a deserted dock.  Instantly, the members split into two groups, each taking cover behind a different group of crates.  As Tiffany followed her group down the line of crates, she looked up.  Further down the docks, she could see the skyline of a massive white city, with many tall buildings.  The gaps between them were narrow, and on the top was a slab connecting the rooftops and covering the city.
The two groups huddled together near a tall tower of crates.  “Alright, Galil,” Keller said, “what’s your feeling?”
Galil looked up at the door to the warehouse at the end of the dock.  “Looks like everyone’s indoors for the dawn,” he said.  “Bakel should still be out searching for stragglers.  He’s a bat, kind of a pinched face.”
“Looks kind of like that?”
Peydri pointed to a bat walking towards them.  “You’re cutting it close,” the b
:iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 0 0
Jess and Alex's Excellent Vacation, Episode I
“Watterson?  WATTERSON!”
The cat-eared man jerked his head off of his desk.  Almost instantly, he pushed himself out of his chair, away from his red-headed, scowly neko supervisor.  “Sir!” Alex Watterson squeaked as he clumsily forced himself onto his feet.  “What do you need, sir?”
Sir wasn’t pleased.  “Firstly, I need you to stay awake!  Secondly, I need you to actually go to lunch and stop costing my paycheck union fees!  Thirdly, I need you to tell me about this new tech you’ve been developing without my approval!  Fourthly, stop running your fingers through your hair!”
Alex pulled his fingers out of his orange hair.  “Right, sir!  Uh, well, I was reading this article about Zeul radation-”
“Don’t try to technobabble me,” Sir snapped at him, “just show me what you’ve been doing with all that scrap you’ve brought in.”
:iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 53 31
Deliver Us
The sun beat down mercilessly on the desert city, not that the Fair Folk noticed.  It was a beautiful city, built from beautiful stone slabs and elaborately painted.  The humanoid people who lived there were beautiful, garbed beautifully and fed with the most luxurious of food and drink.  They wanted for nothing.
Their slaves, however, wanted for everything.  Captured on pilgrimage, they were the forces behind the city, from the mines to the brick-making to the cooking, cleaning, and fixing.  They were worked long into the day to such a degree that their strongest could barely stand when he was relieved of duty.  Every day, they raised their eyes to the sun and said aloud two simple supplications.
God help us.  Celestia find us.
The whip cracked across the back of a red stallion pulling a block of stone, who grimaced and shook it off.  It was nothing to worry about now.  Big Macintosh had gotten used to the pain and the w
:iconmacgyver644200:Macgyver644200 0 0

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Star Trek Original Species - Krilitaka
So, another original species.  This was actually the first one I designed.  So early, in fact, that I hadn't thought of taking notes on how to re-create them.  Some day soon, I've got to tease that out, I rather like what I came up with.  But, here it is.

The Krilitaka are unique in that they weren't residents of a new planet.  Instead, they were a discovery by Denobulan scientists excavating a cave structure far beneath the Denobulan Ocean in 2385.  An extensive cave structure, complete with oxygen-producing fungi, had resulted in an intelligent species that had developed an industrial society completely isolated from the world above.  Relations opened quickly, and the Krilitaka were soon introduced to the Federation at large.

Due to their living underground, they very much prefer higher temperatures and pressures and are in danger of hyperoxia.  Though genetic engineering has limited the risk of long-term damage, myopia is still common among members of the species.  However, a more interesting ability of Krilitaka is that they can emit a form of radiation that they can process in much the same way as an early tricorder.  An advanced immune system guards against any form of cancer, though this does noticeably increase metabolism.


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Here's something I just found out: apparently not every state has its own pledge of allegiance.  Mine does: I thought every state did.  Like state songs or state flowers, only more oath-like.  However, only seventeen states have individual pledges.  That's a shame.  Unsurprisingly, Texas has the first pledge, adopted in 1933 and constantly altered.  Interestingly, while the United States itself had her pledge written in 1892 and finalized, it was officially adopted in 1942, with "under God" added in 1954.  Since then, several other states have made their own pledges, most of them pretty simple, such as Georgia's (the only other state to pre-empt the United States:

"I pledge allegiance to the Georgia flag and to the principles for which it stands; Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation."

These are a good way to give a state character, or at least assess what the particular Congress that initialized them was trying to promote.  Unsurprisingly, most of these are from either Conservative states or Southern states.  Such as New Mexico:

"I salute the flag of the state of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures."

One particular oddball is the pledge of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations:

"I pledge allegiance to our State Flag, and to the Republic of which Rhode Island forms a part; one Union inseparable, with honor and reverence for both State and Nation."

The best one, I'm sorry to say, isn't the pledge of my home state of Texas.  It's the one from the territory of Guam and is one of two written in two languages, English and Chamorro (the other is New Mexico, with English and Spanish):

"From the highest of my thoughts, from the deepest of my heart, and with the utmost of my strength, I offer myself to protect and to defend, the beliefs, the culture, the language, the air, the water, and our lands, which is our inherent God-given rights. This I will affirm by the Holy Bible and our banner the Guam Flag."

Just.  Epic.


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