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To everyone who's about to criticize the Roman Catholic Church's view on homosexuality (I say this here because I can reach more of you here), here is my adaptation of the Church's view as briefly as I can. It does not include Protestant views, because Protestantism is diverse and I am not a Protestant of any stripe. To sum up:

God doesn't hate you, and neither should his servants, but that's something big you're thinking of misusing.

In full (please comment if you can shorten this and please read thoroughly before you comment, so please read thoroughly if you can shorten this):

God does not hate homosexual people, nor does He wish anyone or Himself to damn them, kill them, or 'cure' them: He just doesn't want people to have sex with their own sex because that is turning a very religiously precious and immensely pleasurable (and thus very addictive for saint and sinner alike) act of unity and procreation into an act of merely unity, which disorders the act by ignoring part of its purpose. Furthermore, it will give heterosexual people grounds to forgo the procreative portion of the act as well via artificial means, leading to unwanted pregnancy in accidental cases, which are always at least one too many.  To those complaining about how we let the infertile have sex, bear in mind that miracles have happened.

I know that homosexual people can be just as devoted to, faithful to, and caring towards each other in romantic examples as heterosexual people, and I know also that they can be just as saintly towards adults and children as heterosexual people. All of these qualities are precious, but none of them are the issue. Sex is the issue, and because sex tends to come from one of the types of love, I must therefore be wary of the latter in being wary of the former.

Homosexuality is like any temptation: it is not inherently sinful and you are not a worse person for getting that temptation instead of promiscuity or a hair-trigger temper. Take note, attempting to say that exercising one flaw is better than exercising another is superfluous; all are to be avoided if possible (and in most cases, control is possible via the right methods).

Also, do not compare the anti-gay-marriage movement to segregation. We don't want to hurt you, and those of us doing the movement right will not look for reasons to hurt you. If you find members of our movement doing so, bear in mind that we're not uniformly perfect, and anyone, of our movement or not, who claims that is fooling themselves.

Those are my words. If you have any questions about the original view, feel free to contact Courage: a Catholic church group which ministers to homosexual Catholics. They have online groups and several chapters in which gay Catholics can meet and encourage one another. I, however, have said my peace for the moment, and thus bid you, in the tongue of my fathers, auf wiedersehen.

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