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So, Marvel just shocked the world by announcing a new series that would feature a Thor that's always been a woman.  I found out about this from a rather badly-worded headline, so I spent a lot of time wondering why Marvel would either a) suddenly reveal after 50 years of existence that Thor is transsexual or b) reboot either Thor or the whole universe in order to make Thor a woman in the name of feminism (take your pick which flavor).  Either would have to require one heck of a story to justify, a story that would probably be beyond the ken of writers without some form of divine intervention.  As a new series, however, it still raises a can of worms.

Before I go on, let me make this clear: I am not exactly a feminist.  I am a Roman Catholic Christian who, with others of his faith, honors Sts. Joan of Arc, Catherine of Siena, and Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (a.k.a. Edith Stein) as much as Sts. Rita and Maria Goretti, and only a little less than the Holy Queen herself (since bearing the only true god to ever be is naturally a hard act to follow in terms of divine favor).  As such, while I think that abortion is evil and while I do not support gay marriage, I am still with the spirit of their arguments that women and men should be equal, even though I take my own course on the matter.  I have not delved deeply into feminism save for one class in college (with a teacher I even swapped comic books with [Sweet Tooth #1 is interesting]).  With that in mind, here are two thoughts.

Firstly, it's a female copy of Thor.  Yes, the female counterpart can be a useful tool in subverting gender roles by having something that shows it's alright to be a female with traditionally masculine traits, like physical strength.  However, she's still a copy, and modern culture is full of examples of female versions of men who have not really taken the spotlight.  Supergirl is one, She-Ra is another.  Even Wonder Woman struggles to find a place in popular culture alongside her fellow DC Trinity members Batman and Superman.  Some might argue Lara Croft breaks this trend, but she's her own character, having gained the spotlight not just by being a female Indiana Jones, but getting by on her own accomplishments and endowments.  Female Thor may shine, but it is unlikely that she will really shine on her own.

Secondly, and I mean this as a very, very, from here to the Andromeda Galaxy second, there are the pictures I've seen of female Thor.  They're prettymuch a female version of Thor's outfit, no sleeves, helmet, overall, not many changes and very faithful.  However, some of those changes include a tiny belly slit and form-fitting armor.  It's subtle, and not at all slutty, and I doubt anyone notable is going to call fowl on it, but the artists are definitely going for a little bit of sex appeal.  Again, not much for me, a man, to notice, but some in all camps of feminists are probably going to take note.  In feminism, sexualizing women is a debatable: is it empowering women to flaunt their own attractiveness or is it just giving in to having men objectify women?  Yeah, feminists argue about as much as Christians do (and Christian feminists argue more: is Christianity an unfeeling patriarchy or divine truth?  Does feminism fatally compromise the tenets of Christianity or not?).  This probably won't come up in the mainstream, but I wanted to bring it up.

So, yeah, those're my thoughts.  It's an interesting idea, how the story of Thor would play out with a female wielding the hammer.  Since I don't buy comics, I probably won't see it, but it'll be interesting seeing Linkara talk about how well this worked.

Until then,
R. Nimz

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